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Alphabet Inc. Takes Legal Action Against Crypto Scam on Google Play and YouTube

Alphabet Inc. accuses two individuals in China of scamming through crypto applications on Google Play and YouTube.

A Crypto Scam via Google Play and YouTube

The fraudulent applications urged users to deposit funds that were impossible to withdraw, surpassing 100,000 downloads. The crypto scam lasted for several years, with the initial apps being shared on the Google Play Store and YouTube in 2019.

Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, filed a lawsuit against two individuals in China, accusing them of using its platform to promote fraudulent crypto applications. These applications were downloaded over 100,000 times via Google Play, although the extent of funds lost by users remains unclear.

The scammers exploited Google Play and YouTube to upload and advertise fraudulent crypto applications. These apps, designed to mimic legitimate digital asset investments, encouraged users to deposit funds that they could not subsequently withdraw. Despite Google’s continuous efforts to remove these fraudulent apps from its platforms, many managed to evade the company’s fraud detection systems. The scams began in 2019 and lasted for several years.

Legal Implications and Protective Measures

This lawsuit is a crucial step in holding these bad actors accountable and sending a clear message that we will aggressively pursue those who seek to take advantage of our users.

Halimah DeLaine Prado, Google’s General Counsel

The complaint, filed Thursday morning in a federal court in New York, accuses the defendants of engaging in a racketeering scheme after committing hundreds of acts of fraud. Google asserts that this legal action is a crucial step in protecting users of its platform. Halimah DeLaine Prado aims to send a clear message regarding Google’s determination to pursue those who attempt to exploit its users.

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