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Coinbase: a former executive of the famous investment bank Goldman Sachs joins the exchange

Coinbase swells its ranks with a key player: Roger Bartlett joins the exchange after 16 years at Goldman Sachs.

A recent study conducted by the professional network Linkedin notes that crypto is becoming increasingly popular. Jobs related to crypto have increased considerably and 40% of them would be located in the United States. A movement that now does not escape the main players in the world of traditional finance. After Binance, it’s Coinbase’s turn to recruit new talent.

Roger Bartlett, managing director and global head of equity operations for more than 16 years at Goldman Sachs, the famous investment bank based in New York, announced on Linkedin that he is leaving his position to join Coinbase.

Before joining Goldman Sachs, he was a vice president at Credit Suisse for 6 years, a significant experience. We can say that Coinbase is arming itself with a big name…another nice proof of the sector’s progression and maturity!

What is their stated objective? The former executive has been promoted as the platform’s co-head of global financial operations. He joins the team of Alesia Haas, Coinbase’s current CFO, which includes Emili Choi, Greg Tusar and Brett Tejpaul.

In his own words, he considered: “its time to embrace the cryptoeconomy“. Very excited to contribute to the building of the digital economy, his goal is clear: to foster its development to build the next generation of the cryptoeconomy.

If there is one thing that can be noted, it is the confidence with which he expresses himself when he draws a parallel between crypto-currencies and the construction of a real “economic freedom in the world“.

An opportunity for Coinbase? When we know that the cryptocurrency exchange platform counts in 2022 no less than 89 million users in more than a hundred countries around the world, we can’t wait to see what this new choice recruit has in store for the growth and development of the platform.

This announcement comes as Coinbase has decided to triple its workforce by 2022, a result of the platform’s incredible breakthrough. Who will be next?

Is there a trend? To the delight of start-ups, Roger Bartlett is not an isolated case. Former executives of prestigious institutions are leaving their jobs to join the crypto world. We can mention for example the case of Matt Zhang (former Citi executive) or Gaurav Budhrani (former Goldman Sachs executive) and many others.

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