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Eligibility for Kamino Finance Airdrop: How to Earn Points on the Protocol

Eligibility for Kamino Finance Airdrop: How to Earn Points on the Protocol

After the announcement of the Jito and Jupiter airdrop, many users believe that other Solana protocols, such as Kamino Finance, are also about to reward their community.

In regards to Kamino Finance, the protocol has announced a point system that should launch in the coming weeks. You can already see a “Points?” tab displayed on the main interface.

Discover in this guide how to be eligible for the Kamino Finance airdrop.

Key Points About the Kamino Finance Airdrop

  • Project: Kamino Finance
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Cost: Paid
  • Duration: 5 – 10 minutes

What is Kamino Finance?

Kamino Finance is a decentralized protocol built on Solana that allows users to lend, borrow tokens, and provide liquidity to generate yields on their cryptos.

The protocol ranks 11th among Solana protocols with the most Total Value Locked (TVL), behind projects like Jito, MarginFi, and Marinade Finance.

According to DeFiLlama data, the protocol currently has over $35 million locked funds, and this number continues to grow. Part of this growth is likely due to the excitement around airdrops in the Solana ecosystem.

How to be Eligible for the Kamino Finance Airdrop?

To interact with the Kamino Finance protocol, you must have a digital wallet that supports the Solana blockchain, such as Phantom Wallet, Solflare, or Backpack.

Once you have installed your Solana wallet, go to the Kamino Finance protocol:

Your goal will be to interact with as many products and features as possible on the protocol. Even though Kamino’s point system has not yet been launched, simply interacting with the protocol should give you an advantage over other users.

The actions you take on the protocol will likely be recorded and converted into points when the program is launched.

1 – Lending and Borrowing Tokens

First, you will need to interact with the lending and borrowing service of the Kamino Finance protocol. To do this, go to the “Borrow / Lend” section at the top of the interface.

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