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How Inspect Platform Optimizes Investment Decisions in the NFT Ecosystem

Currently, there are over 100,000 NFT collections and crypto projects of all kinds available on the market.

99% of these projects have nothing to offer their community and are solely there to fill their pockets.

Imagine the risk this represents for investors, especially for newcomers looking for promising projects to invest in.

Today, we are pleased to introduce Inspect, a platform whose goal is to optimize your decision-making when it comes to your investments.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Inspect (learn more)

What is Inspect?

Inspect is a platform that allows you to access real-time information and data from tens of thousands of NFT collections, crypto projects, and even users within this ecosystem.

With the growing number of crypto and NFT projects, it has become difficult to distinguish between those that truly bring value and those that are solely focused on making money at the expense of their community.

Inspect is there to support you in your search, whether it’s to discover hidden gems or, on the contrary, identify and avoid dubious projects.

Among the tools provided by Inspect, you will find its Chrome extension that allows you to analyze projects in real-time on X (Twitter), its upcoming NFT mint calendar, and its various rankings providing unique data.

Of course, Inspect is not a magic wand (although…), it is your responsibility to conduct your own research and analysis beforehand. But there is no doubt that the tools provided by Inspect will greatly facilitate your task.

Some key information about Inspect

Today, Inspect has:

  • over 500,000 active users worldwide (50,000 monthly).
  • partnerships with industry leaders such as Moonpay, Magic Eden, Avalanche, Polygon, Near, and more.
  • 16 million supported NFTs (on Solana, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche networks)
  • a daily updated database
  • a mobile application in development

[Tool 1] – Chrome extension: analyze NFT projects on Twitter in real time

The flagship product of Inspect is undoubtedly its chrome extension (completely free) that allows any user to analyze an NFT or even a crypto token directly from their feed on X (Twitter).

Indeed, the Inspect extension integrates directly with X and is able to detect any NFT that appears in your feed. Once the NFT is detected, Inspect allows you to access numerous on-chain information about it, such as the collection’s floor price, its selling price, its rarity, or even its different attributes (traits).

But that’s not all. The extension also allows you to interact with the community of any NFT project, whether it’s with its team or its holders, by directly visiting the profile of the respective collection.

This is an excellent way to network with other users who share the same interests and passions as you, or simply to learn more about the founders or the development team behind the project.

How to use the Inspect extension on X (Twitter)?

To use the Inspect extension, you first need to install it from your Chrome browser: [click here]

Once the extension is downloaded, go to Twitter and then activate it by clicking on it, after which the logo will turn green.

Then, if you see an NFT in your Twitter feed, a small logo should appear at the bottom right of the image.

If you click on it, you will see all the on-chain data related to that specific NFT. Note that the logo can also be found on the profile pictures of users, provided that they have their NFT directly linked to their Twitter account.

Now, you can also visit the NFT collection profile of your choice, where a “community” logo should appear in fluorescent green.

By clicking on it, you will see all the Twitter accounts that have an NFT from the collection as their profile picture, in addition to the founding team.

[Tool 2] – Dashboard: analyze the community power of NFT collections

Inspect is not limited to its chrome extension. The project also has its own dashboard that is divided into two rankings: one focusing on collections and the other on Twitter profiles within the NFT ecosystem, with exclusive data that cannot be found anywhere else.

Collections Ranking:

The collections on the Inspect dashboard are not ranked based on their performance, but rather on their community strength, i.e., how active their community is on Twitter (although this is often correlated).

For example, you can see the number and percentage of NFTs used as “PFP” (profile pictures) on Twitter by holders of a collection. If we take the example of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, it turns out that 7,166 out of the 10,000 published NFTs, or about 72% of the collection, are currently used as PFPs on Twitter.

Each collection also has a “Community Reach” score, which represents the estimated percentage of all NFT users (on Twitter) exposed to that collection in the past 24 hours.

If you click on one of the available collections, you will be redirected to a much more detailed interface with statistics presented in the form of graphs and other unique information.

Twitter Profiles Ranking:

The second ranking displays the top 1000 largest NFT Twitter accounts based on their audience, reach on the platform, and their influence on their community.

You will mainly find influencers, NFT collection founders, as well as whales (users holding a large number of NFTs). Next to each user, there is data regarding their number of followers on Twitter, their daily tweets, their influence score, and their global reach on the platform.

It’s worth noting that some of them also have badges, such as:

  • Loyalty Badge: symbolizes a user’s loyalty to a certain collection
  • Whale Badge: symbolizes a user holding many NFTs from the same collection
  • Builder Badge: distributed to all Cozy Pass holders

For even more in-depth analysis, you can click on “Inspect Profile“, where you will find additional statistics related to the selected Twitter account (subscriptions, activity history, etc.).

[Tool 3] – Upcoming Mint: never miss a NFT collection launch again

The “Upcoming Mint” feature of Inspect allows you to access all the projects that are planning to launch their NFT collection.

As a reminder, a “mint” is the process by which users purchase an NFT during a collection launch. Since hundreds of collections launch every month, having a real-time calendar of upcoming mints can be valuable.

You can sort the collections by the used blockchain, their NFT quantity (supply), and also access information about the date and price of the mint.

[Tool 4] – Nomination: vote for your favorite NFT personalities

Inspect has more surprises in store. The platform also allows you to vote for your favorite NFT influencers and personalities, provided they are on Twitter.

To make things even more interesting, Inspect divides personalities into several categories, such as leaders, shitposters, analysts, builders, and artists, to name a few.

To vote for one of your favorite influencers, simply go to the Inspect “Nomination” page, click on “Nominate,” enter the username of your choice, and confirm the vote.

Inspect: an essential tool to navigate the NFT ecosystem healthily

Inspect proves to be a very interesting tool for anyone looking for promising and ambitious projects.

With its diverse range of tools and a database of over 16 million NFTs, Inspect offers an in-depth perspective for NFT collection and crypto project analysis. Whether it’s to identify promising projects or avoid risky ones, Inspect helps you optimize your investment decisions.

Moreover, you have access to real-time data that updates automatically.

By bringing clarity to an ecosystem often polluted by shitposts, FUD, and fake information, Inspect presents itself as a reliable and indispensable ally for investors, collectors, and enthusiasts who are exposed to this growing virtual universe every day.

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