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Earn Rewards with Blast Airdrop

Introducing Blast: The Native Yield Protocol on Ethereum

After announcing its partnership with Blur marketplace for its third season, the new layer 2 protocol, Blast, is also planning to reward its users through an airdrop.

The protocol allows early access users to earn points in exchange for their contributions, specifically those who use the bridge, which is currently the only product available on Blast.

It has been announced that the airdrop will be divided into two parts: 50% of the tokens distributed to the community, and 50% distributed to the developers.

Find out how to earn points on Blast and become eligible for the protocol’s airdrop.

Key Points about the Blast Airdrop:

  • Project: Blast
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Cost: Paying
  • Duration: 1-2 minutes

What is Blast?

Blast is a new layer 2 protocol that offers “native yields” on the Ethereum network. Unlike other L2 protocols that do not provide yield, Blast allows its users to benefit from native yields on stablecoins and Ethereum (ETH).

According to the protocol, Blast’s native yield can offer rates of up to 4% for ETH and 5% for stablecoins. Furthermore, the rewards automatically accumulate with your balance.

Since its launch last month, Blast has experienced impressive growth in its total value locked (TVL) and number of users. The layer 2 protocol has reached over $630 million in locked funds and has more than 67,000 users.

In addition to its point system that rewards network contributors, the excitement around Blast also comes from its decision to power the Blur marketplace for its third season, which ends in May 2024. The protocol has also raised over $20 million from industry giants such as Paradigm, Standard Crypto, eGirl Capital, and Maker.

How to be Eligible for the Blast Airdrop

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to install a digital wallet that supports the Ethereum network, such as Rabby Wallet, MetaMask, or WalletConnect:

You can then visit Blast by clicking on this link:

An access code will be required to access the protocol. If you don’t know anyone who has one, go to Twitter and search for “Invit code blast” in the search bar.

Note: Be careful not to click on fraudulent links. Simply copy a code and enter it on Blast.

Currently, there are only two ways to earn points on Blast:

  • Use the protocol’s Ethereum bridge
  • Invite users with your referral link

Using the Blast Protocol Bridge

Once on the main interface of the protocol, click on “Continue”. Then click on the “Check airdrop” tab.

You will be redirected to the protocol’s bridge. To use it, simply select the token you want to transfer to the Blast network, enter the amount of your transfer, and click “Submit”.

Important: The tokens you bridge cannot be withdrawn until Blast’s mainnet is launched, which is expected to happen in February 2024.

After confirming your transaction from your wallet, you will see an increase in your points displayed at the top right of the interface.

Important Details about the Blast Airdrop

To see your position in Blast’s overall leaderboard, simply go to the “leaderboard” section of the platform or click on this link.

To stay updated on major announcements regarding Blast, we recommend following the project on Twitter.

For assistance, you can join the project’s Discord server.

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