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zkSync Network Experiences Unexpected Outage on Christmas

zkSync Network Experiences Outage on Christmas:

  • zkSync suffered an outage on Christmas day.
  • The outage lasted for nearly 5 hours.
  • A bug in zkSync software mistakenly triggered a security protocol, resulting in the network shutdown.

On December 25th, the zkSync community experienced an unexpected issue: the network went down.

This disruption occurred in the early morning and lasted for approximately five hours. According to available information, a software vulnerability in zkSync accidentally activated a security protocol, bringing the network to a complete halt.

One of the network’s automated security protocols was triggered by a server bug,” stated the zkSync network developers.

The zkSync team swiftly became aware of the incident and began working on identifying and resolving the issue.

The zkSync development team communicated through X (formerly Twitter), informing users about the outage and their efforts to address the problem.

A few hours later, the developers announced that the issue had been resolved, and the network was fully operational once again.

This zkSync outage is part of a series of similar incidents affecting various blockchain networks throughout 2023, underscoring the importance of development teams’ resilience and responsiveness in the face of unexpected events.

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