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ZachXBT, the Blockchain Detective, Faces a Mysterious Data Request

ZachXBT, the Blockchain Detective, Facing a Request for a Vast Amount of Data

  1. A Mysterious Information Request: ZachXBT, a blockchain analysis specialist, shares on social media a court order demanding a wide range of personal information.
  2. Scope of the Request: The requested information includes names, billing records, IP addresses, and more.
  3. Previous Context: In June 2023, an NFT trader had sued ZachXBT following an investigation, although the case was later dropped.

Mysterious Order Against ZachXBT

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), ZachXBT shared two screenshots. One describes the information demanded by the court, while the second pertains to his X notification about this legal request.

It seems that my account and a few others were subpoenaed for overly broad info for an unclear reason,

Excessive Requests for Information?

The list of information demanded by the court is impressive, encompassing names, billing records, IP addresses, phone numbers, session details, and more. However, ZachXBT suggests that this excessive request does not necessarily mean that all of this information can be provided. He clarified that “the request was overly broad and unrelated to [his] account.”

Some users speculated that ZachXBT could be called to testify in court. In response to this idea, the blockchain detective stated that he would “refuse to assist.”, considering the way he was approached.

It is important to note that ZachXBT has already faced legal issues. In June 2023, Jeffrey Huang, an NFT trader also known as MachiBigBrother, had sued the detective following an investigation by the latter.

During this investigation, ZachXBT accused MachiBigBrother of embezzling 22,000 ETH from a now-defunct project, Formosa Financial. These accusations caused a stir in the blockchain community, leading to a legal confrontation between the two parties. However, in August 2023, Huang withdrew his defamation lawsuit after ZachXBT moderated his accusations.

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