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Vulnerability Found in OKX Wallet for iOS

The blockchain security firm Certik has discovered a major Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability in the iOS application of OKX Wallet.

OKX quickly responded by releasing a new version of the iOS application, eliminating this security flaw.

The vulnerability allowed an attacker to take full control of the OKX application on iOS, endangering sensitive data and user’s cryptographic assets.

The blockchain security firm Certik has issued an urgent alert to OKX Wallet users who are using the application on iOS devices. According to Certik, a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability has been identified in the application, potentially allowing an attacker to remotely control the application and compromise user’s data and assets.

In response to this security alert, OKX has quickly released an updated version of its iOS application, removing the vulnerability. OKX confirmed that the update, deployed in version 6.45.0 of the application, effectively fixes the issue. The firm also assured that this flaw did not impact any customer assets.

Users of the OKX Wallet application on iOS are strongly encouraged to immediately update their application to the latest version to avoid any risk of asset loss.

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