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VitaDAO: Bridging the Gap between Innovation and Longevity Science

VitaDAO: Bridging the Gap between Innovation and Longevity Science

VitaDAO, known for its commitment to longevity research, has taken a pioneering step with the introduction of Matrix Biosciences. This biotechnology start-up is led by Vera Gorbunova, a prominent anti-aging researcher at the University of Rochester. The initiative has been bolstered by an initial funding of $300,000, with additional financial support expected by early 2024. Matrix Biosciences aims to capitalize on Gorbunova’s studies on the remarkable longevity and cancer resistance traits in naked mole rats. The central question driving this research is whether a compound present in these creatures can enhance human lifespan.

Established in 2021, VitaDAO’s main objective is to fund research that promises to improve human lifespan. Currently, they are supporting 20 projects that primarily focus on groundbreaking innovations in longevity science. Drawing parallels to a foundation, Todd White, a key contributor to VitaDAO, highlights the unique operational model where members refrain from claiming profits from the studies. Instead, all revenues are channeled into the DAO’s treasury, which then funds other promising projects. This commitment to research was further strengthened when the DAO secured a substantial funding of $4 million earlier this year, with Pfizer Ventures as the leading investor.

They realized we were doing what they were trying to do, but we were doing it better and at a fraction of the cost. That’s how Pfizer had a true realization through Web3.

Todd White

Navigating the ‘valley of death,’ VitaDAO boldly ventures into areas where results remain inconclusive. This audacious approach has resonated with Pfizer, which had previously invested significant resources in early-stage investment teams only to deem them too risky. However, by observing VitaDAO’s operations, Pfizer recognized that the DAO was executing similar objectives more effectively and cost-efficiently. White encapsulated this sentiment by highlighting Pfizer’s Web3 revelation.

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