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VanEck Europe and Inter Invest Introduce Bitcoin ETN in French Retirement Savings Plan

VanEck Europe and Inter Invest introduce Bitcoin ETN in French Retirement Savings Plan, a first in France for digital assets retirement savings.

VanEck Europe has been selected to include its Bitcoin ETN (Exchange Traded Note) in the Retirement Savings Plan (PER) proposed by Inter Invest.

This initiative marks a first in the realm of retirement savings in France, paving the way for a new era of popularization of digital assets.

VanEck and Inter Invest: A pioneering collaboration

This partnership between VanEck Europe and Inter Invest showcases their commitment to offering cutting-edge investment solutions. By integrating VanEck’s Bitcoin ETN into the PER, both companies demonstrate a shared drive to innovate and provide retirement savings products that are both forward-thinking and high-quality.

About Inter Invest

Inter Invest is a family-owned and independent group, specialized for over 33 years in the distribution and management of innovative investment solutions. The company specializes in various fields such as financing investment projects under the Girardin Law, private equity, structuring real estate operations in bare ownership, crowdfunding, as well as managing bank Retirement Savings Plans.

VanEck Europe’s commitment to innovation

VanEck Europe has long been committed to making innovative asset classes accessible to a wider audience. With over $387 million in assets under management as of July 5, 2024, VanEck’s Bitcoin ETN is a widely recognized product in Europe. This ETN is fully collateralized in real bitcoin, stored with a regulated custodian, and is accessible through numerous European investment platforms. This product offers investors a unique opportunity to be exposed to the world’s leading digital asset in a regulated and secure manner.

At VanEck, we are convinced that Bitcoin is an innovative long-term asset. Its current volatility reflects a value-seeking phase, typical of emerging assets. Our ETN allows investors to be exposed to this dynamic through a regulated and easily accessible product.

Martijn Rozemuller, CEO of VanEck Europe

Inter Invest’s Vision

This partnership is part of our overall strategy to democratize innovative financial assets. By integrating cryptocurrencies into our Retirement Savings Plan, we are meeting the growing market demand to combine retirement preparation with diversification in digital assets.

Jean-Baptiste de Pascal, CEO of Inter Invest

For Jean-Baptiste de Pascal, Deputy General Manager of Inter Invest, this partnership is part of a global strategy to democratize innovative financial assets. De Pascal highlights the growing market demand for these assets.

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