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Ultra Revolutionizing the Game Industry with Tokenized NFT License

Ultra Launches the First Resellable Digital PC Game ‘Josh Journey: Darkness Totems’ via a Tokenized NFT License

Ultra, a PC marketplace for blockchain and traditional video games, is introducing a major innovation in the gaming industry: the reselling of digital PC games through an NFT license. ‘Josh Journey: Darkness Totems,’ an action game already released on Steam and consoles, will be the first PC digital title that can be resold on Ultra.

Innovation in Web3 Gaming with Ultra

Ultra allows players to buy ‘Josh Journey’ and subsequently resell it on its secondary market. This approach offers game developers the opportunity to earn a share of the resale revenue and control aspects such as royalties and minimum resale price. The game license is represented by an NFT on the Ultra blockchain, enabling the legal transfer of gaming rights to the new owner.

Ultra and Tokenization in the Gaming Industry

Ultra started tokenizing games in our PC store last July, and we’re proud to say that all games are now tokenized on our blockchain.

Nicolas Gilot, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Ultra

Ultra’s approach reflects a significant shift in the gaming industry, which has traditionally revolved around non-resellable digital copies. With tokenization, Ultra introduces a standard for digital resale that benefits both developers and players. Nicolas Gilot, co-founder and co-CEO of Ultra, highlights that this technology opens up new possibilities, such as token-related perks offering exclusive content or future game discounts, as well as access to events like esports competitions.

This innovation marks a turning point for the PC gaming industry by introducing an economic model that enhances value and fairness for all stakeholders. It represents a crucial step in exploring the potential of blockchain technology to create added value in digital content, paving the way for more dynamic and interactive gaming experiences.

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