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Thunder Terminal Faces Hack Resulting in $240,000 Loss

Thunder Terminal falls victim to a hack:

  • Thunder Terminal, an on-chain trading platform, has been hacked.
  • 86.5 ETH and 439 SOL were stolen, totaling approximately $240,000.
  • 114 wallets out of over 14,000 were affected.

The details of a hack worth over $240,000

On December 26, 2023, Thunder Terminal fell victim to a cyber attack. Reports state that 86.5 ETH (approximately $192,000) and 439 SOL (approximately $47,800) were transferred by the attacker to Railgun, a transaction anonymization service.

Thunder Terminal stated that only 114 wallets out of over 14,000 were affected, and that the funds are now secure. The platform also mentioned that user’s private keys were not compromised.

To address the situation, Thunder Terminal has promised to fully reimburse the lost funds and provide transaction fees as well as $100,000 in credits on the platform for affected users.

All lost funds will be fully reimbursed, and affected users will receive 0% fees and $100,000 in credits each

– Thunder Terminal stated on X

The hacker refutes Thunder Terminal’s claims

The hacker quickly responded to Thunder Terminal’s statements, calling them “lies” and claiming to have all user data. They even demanded a ransom of 50 ETH (approximately $110,000) for the deletion of the stolen data.

We have all user data. 50 ETH, and we will delete the data

– the hacker claimed

Thunder Terminal reiterated its willingness to negotiate with the hacker to recover the stolen funds and emphasized that they do not have access to users’ private keys, making it impossible for the hacker to access them.

The platform also announced additional measures to strengthen security and prevent future incidents.

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