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Ternoa and Avail Collaborate to Boost Ethereum Security with zkEVM Layer 2 Solution

Ternoa and Avail Join Forces to Enhance Security on Ethereum with Avail-based zkEVM Layer 2 Solution.

Avail brings a robust data availability solution, enabling seamless blockchain integration for developers through innovative security capabilities.

Ternoa leverages its expertise in confidential computing and decentralization to enrich the Ethereum ecosystem by repositioning itself in the development of Ethereum solutions.

Avail: An Innovative Player in Data Availability

Avail positions itself as a robust base layer designed to meet the needs of next-generation decentralized applications and sovereign rollups. With its innovative security approach, Avail enables easy data availability verification through sampling via a peer-to-peer network, providing developers with simplified blockchain integration without the hassle of validator sets.

Ternoa: Cutting-Edge Blockchain Infrastructure

Ternoa leverages TEE-powered co-processor and key management technologies, made accessible through a WASM layer 1 and soon a zkEVM layer 2. By combining confidential computing and decentralization, Ternoa enables off-chain data encryption with on-chain key access control, opening the door to a multitude of innovative use cases.

Synergy and Partnership Goals

Choosing Avail’s technological stack was a no-brainer for us as we ventured into the Ethereum ecosystem with our zkEVM L2 solution. Avail DA is the only provider on the market to offer both Data Availability Sampling and Validity proofs, which aligns perfectly with the Danksharding Ethereum roadmap.

Mickael Canu, CEO of Ternoa

The combination of Avail DA’s solution with Ternoa’s secure TEE infrastructure in the Ethereum ecosystem aims to establish a new standard of security and efficiency for Ethereum scalability solutions. Mickael Canu, CEO of Ternoa, and Anurag Arjun, CEO of Avail and co-founder of Polygon, share mutual enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting its potential to set a reference for future rollups and strengthen Ethereum’s security through the integration of TEE co-processor technology.

This partnership sets a new standard for future rollups, representing a significant advancement in security for the Ethereum ecosystem through the integration of TEE co-processor technology. We anticipate that many rollups will adopt TEE technology combined with zero-knowledge proofs as a new framework to enhance security using multiple proofs. Avail DA will contribute to ensuring the availability of essential data for network verifiability and security.

Anurag Arjun, CEO of Avail and co-founder of Polygon

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