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Syrian Crypto Dealer Kidnapped by His Own Party Friends

Kidnapping crypto
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Spanish law enforcement thwarted the kidnapping of a Syrian cryptocurrency dealer who was held for ransom by three individuals he partied with before the incident. The kidnappers demanded a payment of $1.12 million for his release and had illegal weapons and false identity documents in their possession. The three individuals were arrested and awaiting charges of kidnapping and possessing illegal arms.

The crypto dealer based in Dubai, was lured by his party friends to come out on May 3, where they held him captive. They demanded that he must access his applications used in his crypto business to send the ransom money to the intended recipient. However, the victim managed to send a photo through the window to his colleague, who negotiated for his release.

His colleague managed to forward the information to the victim’s acquaintance, who reported the kidnapping to Spanish law enforcement. The police raided a luxury villa in Benalmádena, and in addition to the weapons, gardening tools were also found. One of the kidnappers was in possession of numerous fake identity documents, and two of them had fake Greek passports.

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