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SwissBorg Unveils Revolutionary Transition from CHSB to BORG

SwissBorg, the platform for cryptocurrency exchange and investment, has embarked on a significant change by replacing its token CHSB with the brand new BORG. This long-awaited transition marks a major milestone for the platform’s ecosystem.

Methodical Transition from CHSB to BORG

Over a five-day process starting this week, CHSB holders have the opportunity to convert their assets to BORG at a direct ratio of 1:1. The volume of issued BORG is projected to reach the threshold of one billion, subtracting the total number of CHSB that has been taken out of circulation so far.

SwissBorg promises that the superiority of BORG goes beyond just its name. It will bring a series of innovations compared to CHSB, emphasizing multi-chain versatility for increased scalability and performance by the end of Q4 2023.

SwissBorg plans to boost the popularity of BORG through returns generated from its growing involvement in decentralized finance (DeFi). However, the specifics of this strategy are yet to be revealed.

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