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Sphere Integration with Immutable zkEVM: Expanding Possibilities for Gamers

Sphere integrates Immutable zkEVM, marking an important milestone for the platform.

Sphere, a marketplace focused on gaming assets, is excited to announce its successful integration with the testnet and mainnet of Immutable zkEVM. As the first marketplace to achieve this integration, Sphere opens itself up to thousands of new gaming collections planned for the network.

Nouvelles possibilités pour les utilisateurs de Sphere

Thanks to this integration, every collection released on the Immutable zkEVM mainnet or testnet will be accessible on the Sphere marketplace. With hundreds of games confirmed for launch on this network, developed in collaboration between Polygon and Immutable, Sphere expects to welcome a multitude of associated gaming assets.

Immersion dans l’écosystème Immutable

With the integration complete, Sphere users will have access to connection via the Immutable Passport, offering entry into the world of Web3 and ownership of gaming assets. Additionally, Sphere integrates the Immutable Orderbook, facilitating universal asset management across different marketplaces.

As a marketplace, Sphere covers all necessary aspects. It acts as an aggregator, providing a wide range of assets from multiple games, and also facilitates in-game markets. Through the Beam SDK, game developers can create integrated markets, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade assets without disrupting the gaming experience.

While these features are still in development, Sphere affirms that it is in discussions with numerous game developers to potentially build these types of markets together.

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