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Sophisticated Scam: MS Drainer Unveiled

A group of scammers has employed ingenious methods to bypass Google AdSense audits, including regional targeting and page switching.

Sophisticated Scam: MS Drainer Unveiled

According to a report by Scam Sniffer on X (formerly Twitter), scammers set up a Google Ads campaign to redirect users to fraudulent sites. They used regional targeting and page switching tactics to evade Google’s audit systems, making it difficult to detect and remove malicious ads.

Wallet drainers are blockchain protocols that transfer cryptocurrencies from victims to attackers. The investigation revealed that developers of MS Drainer employed an unconventional marketing strategy. While most wallet drainers take a percentage of scammers’ profits, this one was sold on forums for a flat fee of $1,499.99. If a thief wanted additional features, the developer provided them with additional ‘modules’ for $699.99, $999.99, or similar amounts.

Blockchain security platforms like SlowMist and independent investigators like ZachXBT contributed to the investigation. They discovered the presence of MS Drainer in numerous advertisements and 10,072 fraudulent websites for over 9 months.

Impact and Scope of the Scam

During its operation, MS Drainer drained approximately $58.98 million worth of cryptocurrencies from over 63,000 victims. Further investigation revealed that the developers were selling this service for a flat fee of $1,499.99, with additional modules available at varying prices.

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