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Solana Mobile’s Second Smartphone Surpasses 100,000 Pre-Orders

Solana Mobile’s Second Smartphone Surpasses 100,000 Pre-Orders

Solana Mobile is preparing to produce its second smartphone, having reached over 100,000 pre-orders, equivalent to $45 million in sales, in just over a month. This success represents a significant milestone compared to the company’s first crypto phone, which took nearly a year to sell 20,000 units.

Innovative Features and Crypto Integration

Like its predecessor, Solana’s new phone will include customized features for buying, selling, holding, and using cryptocurrencies, with a particular focus on the Solana ecosystem. Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana, acknowledges the challenge of competing with giants like Apple and Google on technical specifications, hence the emphasis on crypto-specific functionalities.

A New Era for Solana Mobile

With this development, Solana Mobile solidifies its position as the only manufacturer of crypto phones to have attracted a base of paying and recurring customers. The late success of the first model, the Saga, was boosted by the offer of free tokens, airdrops, and project teasers, triggering a rush for the product.

Towards Mainstream Success?

Reaching this milestone in preparation for the production of the second device by early 2025 is another step towards Solana’s goal of gathering a critical mass of users. This base would attract application developers, especially game developers, who are crucial to the mainstream success of the Solana ecosystem. Unlike Apple and Google’s app stores, which charge a 20 to 30% commission, Solana’s app store offers more favorable conditions for merchants.

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