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SEC Officially Approves Bitcoin ETFs

SEC Officially Approves Bitcoin ETFs:

  • The US regulator has announced the approval of the long-awaited 11 Bitcoin ETFs
  • A total of 13 candidates were waiting for approval for their Bitcoin-based funds
  • Many experts anticipate billions of dollars in inflows in the coming weeks.

Bitcoin ETFs Finally Approved by the SEC

After several weeks of anticipation for both individual and institutional investors, the United States Securities and Exchanges Commissions (SEC) has finally approved the 11 Bitcoin Spot ETFs.

According to many experts, trading of these ETFs is expected to begin tomorrow.

Pump or Dump for Bitcoin?

While many investors speculated on a rise in the price of Bitcoin following the approval of the ETFs, many experts agree that the price of BTC will drop in the coming days.

At the moment, BTC doesn’t seem to be reacting much to this approval.

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