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Satochip: Belgian Startup Undergoes a Complete Rebranding

Satochip: A Belgian Pioneer in Hardware Wallets Undergoes a Complete Rebranding

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Satochip, the renowned Belgian startup in the field of hardware wallet solutions for cryptocurrencies, has announced a brand makeover. This ambitious rebranding effort involves a refresh of their visual identity, including their logo and website, marking a new era for the company.

A Symbolic Change

This identity change goes beyond mere aesthetic updates; it signifies a significant shift in Satochip‘s strategy. Recognizing the ever-evolving needs of the cryptocurrency market, Satochip adapts to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation. Their product range, which includes Satochip, Seedkeeper, and Satodime, also receives functional improvements, illustrating the brand’s commitment to providing increasingly efficient and user-friendly solutions.

A Successful First Fundraising Round

In August, the startup achieved a major milestone by successfully completing its first fundraising round, attracting renowned Belgian investors. This crucial step reinforces Satochip‘s position as a key player in the European hardware wallet market.

Bastien Taquet, co-founder and CBO, expresses the brand’s ambition:

“The evolution of our brand reflects our commitment to being even closer to our users and at the forefront of innovation while remaining true to the values that have contributed to the success of our company. We are proud of what Satochip represents in terms of accessibility and adoption of cryptocurrencies, and we are ready to strengthen our position in this increasingly competitive market.”

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