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Ripple’s CTO Backs Automated Market Maker Functionality on XRPL

Ripple’s CTO Supports Automated Market Maker Functionality on the XRPL

Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, has recently expressed his support for integrating an Automated Market Maker (AMM) function into the XRP Ledger (XRPL). On X, formerly known as Twitter, Schwartz delved into the details of the XRPL AMM, highlighting it as a fascinating aspect of decentralized finance.

The XRP Ledger is regarded by its community as a decentralized blockchain, praised for its speed and scalability. With XRP as its native asset, the ledger proves valuable for various financial operations, including cross-border transactions.

In response to a community member’s question, Schwartz clarified the potential timeline for integrating AMMs into the XRPL, based on governance voting outcomes. If the majority approves this amendment, its implementation could take place in just fifteen days.

Highlighting the importance of widespread support, Schwartz indicated that to his knowledge, no validators have currently signaled their approval for this proposal. The idea of adding AMM functionality was initially introduced in rippled version 1.12.0, simultaneously presenting the possibility of a recall function. However, adding an AMM goes beyond merely introducing a new trading mechanism; it means seamless integration with XRPL’s existing decentralized exchange platform.

Notably, Schwartz advised validators to refrain from solo voting actions to promote these changes. He emphasized the importance of achieving community consensus before any major changes. Validators, he suggested, should vote in favor only when they discern a tangible community agreement, supported by an adequate number of nodes approving the change.

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