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RFK Jr Announces Independent Presidential Candidacy, Championing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

RFK Jr Announces Independent Presidential Candidacy, Championing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, widely known as RFK Jr, has shaken up the political landscape by announcing his independent presidential candidacy at a passionate rally in Philadelphia. Breaking away from the Democratic primary, Kennedy’s vocal support for cryptocurrencies has gained significant traction, envisioning the United States as a ‘global center of cryptocurrency’ with Bitcoin at the forefront. Kennedy’s robust plan includes backing the US dollar with ‘strong currencies’ such as gold, silver, platinum, and notably, Bitcoin.

Confrontation with the Federal Reserve and Impressive Poll Numbers

The crypto-centered stance has also positioned Kennedy as a strong critic of the Federal Reserve’s instant payment system, FedNow, which resonates with central bank digital currency (CBDC). In a compelling Twitter post (now labeled as X), he articulated that CBDCs could potentially herald ‘financial slavery and political tyranny,’ seeing them as a preliminary move towards the possible suppression and confiscation of Bitcoin. In response to these concerns, the US Federal Reserve Board has launched a campaign to separate FedNow from the CBDC system.

American Values 2024, the super PAC supporting Kennedy, unveiled striking polling data on October 2, suggesting Kennedy’s potential to become the most influential independent candidate in modern US electoral history. With the support of 19% of voters, he trails behind President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, who each command 38%.

The Crypto at the Forefront of the 2024 Electoral Landscape?

The Kennedy family legacy has been closely tied to the Democratic Party. However, RFK Jr’s contentious positions, such as his opposition to vaccines, have alienated party loyalists and family ties. Kennedy’s crypto outlook echoes that of Ron DeSantis, the Republican presidential hopeful and Governor of Florida. Both politicians share a mutual distrust for FedNow and CBDCs while supporting Bitcoin. Yet, DeSantis appears to be lagging in the Republican primary polls, behind Trump.

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