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Revolutionizing the Online Hold’em Experience with House of Poker

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Massive Gaming, in partnership with Neowiz and IntellaX, is excited to announce the upcoming release of House of Poker, an innovative online hold’em game that will revolutionize the gaming experience for poker fans worldwide. With its official launch date set for June 2023, House of Poker is poised to redefine online poker tournaments and gameplay.

Certified Fair and Realistic Gameplay

iTech Labs has certified House of Poker for a fair and realistic gaming environment for all players. The game offers a wide range of hold’em tournament content and features the best live face chat feature, allowing players to interact with opponents in real-time for a more engaging gameplay experience.

Play and Earn System

A standout feature of House of Poker is its Play and Earn system that is decentralized, allowing players to potentially earn USDC stablecoins and free game money as rewards. By partnering with Massive Gaming, players have complete ownership of their cash value in the game, providing a sense of ownership and value to their gaming experience.

A pre-open version of the game is currently available on Google Play and Apple App Store, which allows players to enjoy the captivating gameplay. This version does not include Play and Earn contents.

USDC as Stable Crypto Coin

House of Poker stands out from its competitors by accepting USDC, a stable crypto coin instead of traditional currencies. Players can join different hold’em tournaments for free and earn blockchain Stable Tokens (USDC), exchangeable for specific in-game goods. This decision ensures that the game is safeguarded against potential token value fluctuations, addressing a concerning element in existing WEB3-based games.

Future Events

Massive Gaming has exciting plans for players who enjoy their games beyond House of Poker. The company plans to introduce House of Blackjack later this year, followed by an NFT project with free mining events that cater to users interested in the NFT market.

To stay updated on the latest news and developments at Massive Gaming and House of Poker, visit their official website. The game will officially launch in June, offering an unmatched and immersive online hold’em experience for players worldwide.

About Massive Gaming

Massive Gaming is affiliated with NEOWIZ, specializing in the production and publishing of crypto-enabled games and services. For more information, please visit Massive Gaming’s Medium platform.

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