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Rainbow Wallet Introduces Points System

Rainbow Wallet Introduces its Points System

Rainbow Wallet, a digital wallet on the Ethereum network, recently announced the launch of its own points system on Twitter.

Rainbow Wallet now rewards its users simply for their engagement on the blockchain.

To download Rainbow Wallet and start enjoying the rewards: click here

Details of Rainbow Wallet’s Points System

Rainbow Wallet’s points system is designed to value a variety of actions on the blockchain.

Users earn points by conducting swaps, owning Rainbow NFTs, using the Rainbow bridge, holding assets, referring other users, and much more.

Furthermore, users who have previously interacted with any Ethereum wallet or performed swaps on MetaMask will automatically receive points when importing the wallet on Rainbow.

As Rainbow Wallet specifies on its website, the “true loyalists” will be specially rewarded.

Rumors of a Potential Rainbow Wallet Airdrop

At the moment, Rainbow Wallet has not officially announced an airdrop.

However, it is worth mentioning that other DeFi protocols, such as Jito, which have introduced similar points systems, have already carried out (or are about to) airdrops for their users, creating a certain buzz around Rainbow Wallet.

“This is just the beginning of Rainbow Points, and we have many exciting projects to come – stay tuned,” announced Rainbow on its website.

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