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Polygon Village V2: A Fund to Support the Network

Polygon Launches ‘Polygon Village V2’ with a Fund to Support its Network:

  • Polygon Village 2.0 has launched a $90 million fund to stimulate development within its ecosystem.
  • The fund offers over 110 million MATIC to projects at various stages of development.
  • Direct grants can reach up to 2 million MATIC for advanced projects.

A New Fund to Develop Its Ecosystem

In a bid to further develop its ecosystem, Polygon Labs has launched Polygon Village 2.0, a substantial fund of $90 million aimed at supporting the development of innovative projects on its protocol.

This fund represents over 110 million MATIC, the native currency of Polygon, and aims to encourage developers and increase on-chain activity on the renowned layer 2.

Up to 2 Million MATIC in Grants

The beneficiaries of this fund are not limited to a specific sector, reflecting the diversity and richness of the Polygon ecosystem. Decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, gaming applications, infrastructure projects, and social startups can all qualify for a share of this financial support.

Mature projects could receive up to 2 million MATIC directly from the Polygon Foundation, while early-stage teams could benefit from grants through a “quadratic funding” method, which multiplies the available resources based on community support.

Polygon Village 2.0: A New Mentoring Space

Beyond the financial aspect, Polygon Village 2.0 is an integrated ecosystem offering mentorship, strategic advice, co-working spaces, and VIP networking with key players in the market.

As you may have gathered, this initiative is designed to not only fund but also guide and connect innovators with the necessary resources to turn their ideas into tangible realities.

With hubs in New York and Lisbon, Polygon Village’s Village Builder Houses provide physical locations for networking and resource sharing, highlighting the importance of collaboration and community in the future of blockchain technology.

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