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Poloniex Hacked: $100 Million Stolen, Justin Sun Offers Rewards

Poloniex: Victim of a $100 Million Hack

The cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has recently fallen victim to a major hack, with over $100 million in cryptocurrencies transferred from a wallet linked to the exchange. Initial estimates of the losses were around $60 million, but further evaluations revealed that the stolen amount exceeded $100 million.

Justin Sun’s Response to the Hack

In response to this suspicious situation, Poloniex quickly disabled the affected wallet. Although no official statement has been released by the exchange yet, Justin Sun, who acquired Poloniex in 2019, stated on X (formerly Twitter) that the team is actively investigating the incident. Sun also pledged to fully reimburse the users affected by this breach, asserting that the platform maintains a strong financial position. He also offered a 5% reward to any “white-hat” hacker who returns the stolen funds, giving them a seven-day deadline before taking legal action.

Tron: TRX Surges After Poloniex Hack

Coincidentally, despite this negative incident, Tron, the native cryptocurrency of another project by Justin Sun, experienced an almost 20% increase in its value on the same day as the hack, before slightly decreasing.

Some members of the community even went as far as suspecting Justin Sun of stealing from his own exchange to inject profits into the TRX token of his Tron project…

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