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Hackers Strike Again: Pink Drainer Group Steals 275,700 LINK

Group of Hackers Pink Drainer Steals 275,700 LINK:

  • Pink Drainer, a crypto hacking group, steals $4.4 million worth of LINK.
  • The victim fell prey to a “fraudulent approval” function.
  • Pink Drainer has been linked to several hacks on Discord and Twitter this year.

$4.4 Million Heist on a Single Individual

The crypto hacking group known as Pink Drainer recently pulled off a massive $4.4 million theft of Chainlink (LINK) tokens belonging to a single victim.

According to the initial information available, the victim was deceived into signing a fraudulent transaction, resulting in the transfer of 275,700 LINK, equivalent to $4.33 million, in two separate transactions.

The first portion, consisting of 68,925 LINK, was sent to a wallet named “PinkDrainer: Wallet 2” according to Etherscan data. The second portion, comprising 206,775 LINK, was transferred to another address identifiable by the last characters of its address: “E70e“.

The stolen funds were then sold for Ether and are currently being laundered.

The History of the Pink Drainer Group

Pink Drainer has been associated with several hacks on Discord and Twitter platforms over the past year, targeting various entities, including blockchain industry figures like the renowned co-founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

The group has also been involved in scams where they impersonate crypto journalists. Since June, Pink Drainer has stolen about $18.7 million from over 9,068 victims.

This series of thefts underscores the growing security risks in the crypto space and highlights the need for increased vigilance among cryptocurrency users.

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