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Optimism Foundation’s Strategic Treasury Management Leads to Successful Token Sale

The Strategic Treasury Management of Optimism Foundation: A Successful Token Sale

In a strategic move aimed at treasury management, the Optimism Foundation has successfully concluded the sale of 116 million OP tokens, totaling $157 million. According to an official announcement on the Optimism governance website, this significant sale was part of a “private” and “planned” event. The tokens involved in the transaction came from an unspecified portion of Optimism’s treasury, which according to DefiLlama data is still worth approximately $1.25 billion and consists entirely of its native tokens.

As explained on the Optimism website, the tokens are subject to a two-year lock-up period, meaning that buyers cannot sell them on secondary markets.

A Private Sale Amidst the Third OP Airdrop

In addition to the sale, the Optimism Foundation actively involves its community in governance structures. The privileged seven buyers from the recent sale are now empowered to delegate these tokens to third parties to participate in governance. Furthermore, the Foundation has announced its third community airdrop this week, distributing 19.4 million tokens to over 31,000 users. Currently, the quantity of circulating OP tokens represents 18.6% of the total supply, with an additional 570 million tokens reserved for future community airdrops.

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