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OpenSea and Thirdweb Collaborate to Address Smart Contract Vulnerability

OpenSea collaborates with Thirdweb to address smart contract vulnerability, offering support to NFT holders for contract migration.

Despite the security flaw, OpenSea’s wallet, payment, and infrastructure services remain operational.

The vulnerability affected specific versions of the AirdropERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 contracts.

OpenSea’s Response to the Security Flaw

The NFT marketplace OpenSea has taken proactive steps in response to a security flaw detected in Thirdweb’s web3 toolkit smart contracts. This vulnerability impacted specific versions of the AirdropERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 contracts. To assist affected NFT holders, OpenSea has launched a support program to aid in the migration of their contracts to more secure versions.

While this vulnerability raised concerns, OpenSea has confirmed that its essential services, including wallets, payments, and infrastructure, remained reliable and fully operational.

Thirdweb’s web3 Toolkit Outlines the Way Forward

According to Thirdweb’s investigation, the vulnerability in the smart contracts has not been exploited yet.

In most cases, the measures will involve locking the contract and migrating to a new contract free from the known vulnerability. The exact steps to take depend on the nature of your smart contract and can be determined using our tool.


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