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opBNB: Official Launch of Layer 2 Solution by BNB Chain

The developers of BNB Chain have officially launched the opBNB mainnet. After months of meticulous testing, which saw the smooth execution of over 35 million transactions and the establishment of approximately 150 applications, the layer 2 solution is now live. Promising significantly reduced gas fees, this development marks a notable increase in the BNB Chain ecosystem, fostering a more conducive environment for projects.

Technical prowess meets strategic incentives

Arno Bauer, Senior Architect at BNB Chain, has emphasized the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards of security and scalability, highlighting the stringent criteria that were met prior to the public unveiling. The opBNB network underwent stress testing, showcasing features such as high availability (HA), sub-second finality, and significantly reduced gas costs, all under the vigilant supervision of multiple external audits to ensure optimal security.

To facilitate a thriving network activity from the outset, BNB Chain has orchestrated a robust strategy involving the deployment of airdrop incentives in collaboration with fifteen ecosystem projects.

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