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NFT Holder Narrowly Avoids Scam

The holder of a BAYC NFT narrowly avoids a scam:

A user named Crumz narrowly avoided having his BAYC NFT stolen.

Other BAYC community members have been targeted by scammers posing as Forbes journalists.

Scammers often use BAYC profile pictures on their accounts, which is a red flag for users.

A scam narrowly avoided

A banana almost triggered a scam worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Let’s provide some context.

The owner of a Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT, known as “Crumz,” recently avoided an attempted scam by someone posing as a Forbes journalist.

The scammer, who introduced himself as Robert LaFanco, a real Forbes writer, contacted Crumz through an impostor account, offering an interview for a new article on BAYC.

Explaining the scammer’s method

During the interview, the scammer first encouraged Crumz to activate a recording function through an “external bot,” a feature supposedly used to record the conversation. “I had to press a button to grant access to the recording,” Crumz said.

Unbeknownst to him, enabling this function allowed the attacker to gain access to his computer.

Later on, the scammer asked him to step away from his computer to “get a banana” for a photo. Crumz realized it was a distraction attempt to fully take control of his computer and steal his assets.

Fortunately, he didn’t go get that banana, which would have cost him his BAYC NFT worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I turned off my screen[…] they started to control my screen, I stopped them when they went to”
– Crumz said

In the end, Crumz came very close to having his NFT stolen. This event certainly taught him a valuable lesson.

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