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NFT and Rugby: The Explosive Mix of OVAL3

The digital world of rugby is experiencing a remarkable rise. Leading this movement, OVAL3 has just raised 2.5 million euros. The initiative, led by Intervalle Capital, an American expert in sports investments, also relies on the participation of Cliff Capital and rugby icons. BAMG Sports, the Franco-British gem behind OVAL3, positioned itself as a pioneer in digital sports entertainment with its project Fantasy Rugby World.

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NFT and Rugby: The Explosive Mix of OVAL3

OVAL3 does more than just follow the trend; it shapes it. The platform invites fans to collect digital cards of their favorite players through NFT technology. Fans can bid on these precious cards and assemble the team of their dreams. A first attempt? Far from it: in just four months, the market has generated a turnover of $350,000, with an impressive library of players from renowned leagues such as the Top 14 or the Major League Rugby.

With this new funding, OVAL3 can bring to life its ambition to place all professional rugby clubs at the heart of Web 3.0 by creating numerous bridges between the digital and the real world.
This immersive universe indeed strengthens the emotional bonds between rugby and its supporters, combining the values of solidarity and passion of the oval ball with NFTs.

Tony Bouquier

OVAL3 Brings Supporters onto the Field

The prestige of Antoine Dupont, a leading figure in French rugby, merges with the vision of OVAL3. Thanks to alliances with the Ligue Nationale de Rugby and the Major League Rugby, the platform offers “Play & Own”. Here, the player is no longer just a spectator: they manage their team, accumulate points based on the real exploits of the players, and merge the real and the digital. Tony Bouquier, the visionary at the helm of OVAL3, dreams big: he wants to marry the timeless values of rugby with the modernity of NFTs, to tighten the bonds between supporters and their sport.

The trajectory of OVAL3 could well foreshadow the future of rugby in the digital era. With this new financial windfall, OVAL3 has everything it takes to become the favorite playground of rugby fans worldwide.

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