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Neuralink: A Breakthrough in Brain Technology

Elon Musk’s brain technology startup, Neuralink, has successfully implanted its first brain chip in a human patient, marking a groundbreaking achievement in the medical field. Musk reported on the social platform X that early results show effective detection of neural activity spikes, which are essential for information transfer in the brain.

Neuralink’s initial goal is to enable individuals to control a computer cursor or keyboard through their thoughts alone, using ultra-thin wires to transmit brain signals.

The FDA’s approval for the first phase of clinical trials in humans was a crucial milestone for Neuralink’s mission to help patients overcome paralysis and various neurological conditions. The company used a surgical robot to place the implant in a region of the brain that controls movement intention.

The flagship product of Neuralink, named ‘Telepathy’, is at the core of the startup’s PRIME study, which is evaluating the safety of the wireless brain interface and surgical robot. However, Neuralink has faced scrutiny regarding its security protocols, especially after being fined for violating the US Department of Transportation’s rules on transporting hazardous materials.

Investigations and Concerns

Valued at around $5 billion as of June last year, Neuralink has come under investigation by the SEC due to safety concerns over its technology. This came after veterinary records revealed issues with the implants on monkeys. Musk, however, has stressed that ‘no monkey has died as a result of a Neuralink implant’.

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