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Navigating the NFT Renaissance: The Return of Mintmade

In 2017, Mintmade was founded as a survival show on the blockchain. It has evolved from its origins as Tokenville to become a pioneering force in merging blockchain technology with journalism. Initially conceptualized as an innovative media platform, Tokenville ventured into ‘dapp media,’ a dynamic model that combined non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and tokens to create immersive user engagement. While Tokenville eventually closed its doors in 2018 due to the challenging NFT market, its early experiences laid the groundwork for what would later become Mintmade.

Navigating the NFT Renaissance: The Return of Mintmade

Fast forward to 2021 when the NFT market exploded, shining a light on past projects that had been put on hold. It was a period of rebirth for many, including the team behind Mintmade. Ivan Sokolov, the pillar of Mintmade, found renewed inspiration in this resurgence, realizing the missed potential in the NFT market. What followed was a pivotal moment: the launch of an NFT partnership on Cointelegraph, a project that faced internal obstacles but eventually came to fruition in December 2022. The successful launch acted as validation for Mintmade, with over 1100 minted articles as historical artifacts.

Partnership and Expansion: CoinAcademy Joins Forces with Mintmade

Own a piece of history: CoinAcademy turns its articles into NFTs and launches its private club

The ambition to revolutionize media did not stop at Cointelegraph. CoinAcademy became the next media entity to recognize the potential of Mintmade, launching the CoinAcademy Club with the ability to mint articles in NFT format. As the first media outlet to follow in Cointelegraph’s footsteps, CoinAcademy adds a layer of credibility and scale to Mintmade’s vision. The collaboration signifies a promising trend of win-win relationships between media and audiences, fostering an ecosystem conducive to decentralization.

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