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Namada Protocol Announces Testnet: A Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Namada Protocol Announces Testnet: A Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Experience

Namada, a layer 1 protocol focused on privacy and developed by the Anoma Foundation, is gearing up to launch a unique incentive testnet.

In May 2023, the foundation secured significant funding of $25 million, a large portion of which will be used to reward users during the testnet. Additionally, this testnet will serve as the ‘final expedition for the community to battle-test the protocol before mainnet,’ as announced by Namada on Twitter.

It’s worth noting that you can already register for this testnet directly on the official Namada website.

The Namada Testnet: A Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

The testnet, dubbed ‘Namada Shielded Expedition,’ is designed as a large-scale multiplayer role-playing game. Participants, whether validators or users, will engage in a competition called the ‘Asteroid Mining Race.’

They will need to accumulate ROIDs (points) and climb the ranks of a leaderboard, all in an effort to win a share of the 30 million NAM tokens at stake, representing 3% of the total token supply. The proportion of tokens distributed to each user is likely to be based on the number of points they hold.

To learn more about the expedition, click here.

This initiative aims to test Namada’s consensus algorithm (CometBFT) and its resistance to Sybil attacks while allowing participants to familiarize themselves with Namada’s key features before the launch of the mainnet. The testnet will begin on January 15th and continue until the end of the month.

So, are you ready to participate in this adventure?

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