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Mysterious Transaction: 26.9 BTC Sent to First Bitcoin Wallet

A Mysterious Transaction of 26.9 BTC Sent to the First Bitcoin Wallet

An anonymous user has sent 26.9 BTC to the ‘Genesis’ wallet on the Bitcoin network.

The Genesis wallet is the very first wallet ever created on the Bitcoin network, associated with Satoshi Nakamoto.

The funds sent are likely irretrievable.

The Enigmatic Transaction to the Genesis Wallet

On January 5, around 8 am, an unusual transaction was recorded on the Bitcoin network. An anonymous user transferred 26.9 BTC, equivalent to about $1.17 million, to the Genesis wallet.

This wallet is historic, being the very first wallet created on the Bitcoin network, and is therefore naturally associated with Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Note that the transaction cost $100 in fees, a significantly higher amount than average.

It is likely that these $1.17 million in Bitcoin are permanently lost, unless Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly emerges from his silence.

A Wallet Now Valued at Over $4 Million

The Genesis wallet, beyond its status as the first wallet, is shrouded in mystery, mainly due to its connection to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Although theoretically, Nakamoto could still access this famous wallet, the Bitcoin community considers it unlikely. The community relies notably on the fact that, since Nakamoto’s disappearance in December 2010, the funds associated with his wallets, including those of the Genesis block, have remained untouched.

Prior to this transaction, the Genesis wallet contained 72 bitcoins, and with the recent addition, its balance is now 99.67 bitcoins (~$4.3 million). However, this is only a tiny fraction of estimates attributing up to 1.1 million bitcoins, with a current value of $47 billion, to Nakamoto’s control.

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