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MetaMask Enables Users to Purchase Crypto on Robinhood

MetaMask Allows Users to Buy Crypto on Robinhood

Cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask now allows its users to purchase cryptocurrencies through the popular online trading platform Robinhood. The integration was announced by MetaMask developer Consensys and on MetaMask’s account.

Integration Details

MetaMask users can now acquire digital assets by using Robinhood’s order flow, while Robinhood account holders can fund and transfer their crypto assets to their MetaMask wallet. The offering is the result of integrating the Robinhood Connect trading platform as a service provider in MetaMask’s “Buy Crypto” feature.

The Importance of Options in the Crypto Economy

Fiat services, or “on-ramps,” are a key component in the infrastructure, acting as a bridge between traditional banking systems and the blockchain-based crypto economy. They play an important role in onboarding users to web3 applications, making it easier to access and participate in the world of cryptocurrencies.

In December, US-based Robinhood expanded its cryptocurrency trading services to the United Kingdom and Europe, anchoring its crypto expansion outside of the US by highlighting the comprehensive digital regulations of the European Union.

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