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Manta Network: Innovating Privacy in the Blockchain Space

Launched in June 2022, Manta Network has quickly emerged as an innovative player in the blockchain ecosystem, focusing on privacy solutions in blockchain.

On February 23, 2023, the project reached a significant milestone by winning parachain slot 39 on the Polkadot blockchain, a testament to the community’s trust in the project.

In a recent announcement, Manta’s teams unveiled a new infrastructure in the form of an Ethereum Layer 2 called “Manta Pacific”, while also renaming its Polkadot parachain to “Manta Atlantic”.

What is Manta Atlantic?

Manta Atlantic, formerly known as Manta Network prior to the introduction of Manta Pacific, is a Polkadot parachain dedicated to privacy preservation, embodying the forefront of blockchain infrastructures.

What is Manta Pacific?

Manta Pacific embodies the essence of innovation in the blockchain ecosystem, positioning itself as the first ZkEVM application platform, secured by the Data Availability layer of Celestia and Optimism’s OP stack.

Utility of the MANTA Token

The MANTA token, at the core of Manta Pacific and Manta Atlantic projects, has several utilities: governance, staking and network security, payment and gas fees. It also serves as native liquidity and collateral within the Manta ecosystem.

Manta Network Tokenomics

Manta Network’s tokenomics play a crucial role in the project’s success, supporting network security and encouraging user and developer participation.


Manta Network stands out in the crypto ecosystem for its deep commitment to Zero Knowledge (ZK) technology and the privacy it brings. Their revolutionary approach promotes the development of privacy-centric decentralized applications.

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