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Magic Eden Launches Rewards Program

Magic Eden Launches Its Points Program:

Magic Eden has announced a rewards program to recognize the contributions of its most loyal users, whether they are collectors, creators, or traders. Under this program, users will be rewarded with ‘diamonds,’ rather than traditional points like most protocols.

This program, according to Magic Eden, is not just a simple points campaign, but a system designed to value the users who have been (and will be) the most active within the Magic Eden ecosystem.

It is worth noting that the program is starting on the Solana blockchain, highlighting Magic Eden’s commitment to this community. Although the marketplace has now become a multi-chain platform, it was indeed on Solana where it originated.

As part of their announcement, Magic Eden also mentioned a ‘Retroactive Diamond Drop’ scheduled for February 2. This airdrop will take into account the on-chain activity of users since 2021, marking a significant recognition of their long-term engagement.

The Future Evolution of the Magic Eden Program

In the coming months, Magic Eden plans to expand its rewards program to other blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. This cross-chain expansion reflects Magic Eden’s inclusive vision for the NFT market. Additionally, holders of Magic Tickets (the native NFT of Magic Eden) will be integrated into the rewards system.

Our plan is to integrate Magic Ticket owners into our rewards system with more details to come soon.

Magic Eden stated in their publication

Furthermore, Magic Eden announces that its digital wallet will be ‘soon going live’ and will directly integrate rewards in the form of diamonds.

Magic Eden emphasizes its goal to become a ‘100% open-source platform’ with community-managed intellectual property. This aligns with Magic Eden’s mission to democratize access to NFTs and attract a wider audience to this ecosystem.

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