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Crypto: Lugh company launches stablecoin EURL on the Ethereum network

In partnership with Coinhouse and with the help of major groups, Lugh announces the successful launch of its euro stablecoin called EURL on the Ethereum network.

In order to offer the very first stable crypto currency pegged to the euro, Casino, the retail giant, created the crypto Lugh company a year ago. Partners in the project include Coinhouse, Société Générale, Nomadic Labs, PwC and Sceme, creating an environment of trust, a key point for this type of virtual currency.

“This new launch opens new opportunities for Lugh.
It will certainly accelerate our development, as the ERC-20 standard is the most widely used in the ecosystem.”

Alban Vendeuvre, COO of Lugh

Lugh has been able to prove itself for a year on the Tezos blockchain and decided to open up to a new network to discover new opportunities. It is towards the undisputed leader of commercial applications, Ethereum, that the European company turns.

Thanks to an ERC-20 version, the EURL token can be found on many exchanges and easily integrated into the vast majority of the most widely used wallets on the market. The general attraction of NFTs, these non-fungible tokens, has not gone unnoticed and it is not impossible to imagine NFT / EURL transactions on the Ethereum network.

All these possibilities should allow Lugh and its EURL token to experience real growth and wider adoption. The ever-expanding Ethereum network opens the door to an infinite number of projects for Lugh.

From now on, every Lugh customer will be able to buy EURLs on Tezos or Ethereum depending on their choice of blockchain.

Lugh also warns its users that the ERC-20 version of the EURL token will be able to easily deploy on EVM-compatible blockchains such as the Binance smart chain or the Matic network allowing EURL to become the euro crosschain leader, a goal proudly displayed by Lugh.

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