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Logan Paul Promises Compensation for CryptoZoo Investors

YouTuber and influencer Logan Paul is making amends for disgruntled investors in his unreleased NFT game, CryptoZoo, by offering a personally funded buyback program worth $2.3 million. This move aims to appease frustrated investors and potentially restore Paul’s reputation.

Details of the CryptoZoo Buyback Program

The play-to-earn game CryptoZoo, where players can buy, sell, breed, and trade “exotic animals” as NFTs using cryptocurrencies, never came to fruition. In response to community pressure, Logan Paul has proposed repurchasing the Base Eggs and Base Animals at their original purchase price. Investors can submit claims on the website EGGNFTBUYBACK.COM until February 8.

Conditions and Restrictions

According to the terms and conditions, buyers will receive 0.1 ETH per eligible NFT submitted. However, they must also agree to waive any current or future claims against Logan Paul and anyone associated with the project. Additionally, hybrid NFTs and ZOO token holders are not eligible for the buyback, as the latter has significantly depreciated in value since its peak.

Legal Context and Claims

Simultaneously, Logan Paul has filed a complaint against the lead developers of CryptoZoo, Eduardo Ibanez and Jake Greenbaum, accusing them of internal sabotage and theft. This legal development comes after months of tension and claims by investors, with Logan Paul attempting to shift blame onto other team members while maintaining that he did not profit from the project.

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