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Lama Launches Visa Cards for Crypto Asset Spending

European crypto exchange Lama has introduced Visa cards that allow users to spend their crypto assets and convert them to fiat. The exchange revealed that the cards provide many perks, including a 2% bitcoin (BTC) cashback on all purchases for the highest plan.

The Subscription Plans

Lama offers three Visa card subscription plans adjusted to meet users’ requirements. The Bronze plan is free and gives users access to one virtual card for online purchases. The Silver plan, available for €9.99 ($10.80) per month, offers three virtual cards, one physical card, and 1% BTC cashback on all purchases. The Gold plan costs €19.99 ($21.60) per month and gives Lama users access to up to five virtual cards, one physical card, and 2% BTC cashback on all purchases.

The head of Operations at Lama, Brigham Santos, stated that the card is an essential tool for consumers seeking to utilize their digital assets. He indicated that users would conveniently spend their cryptocurrencies by converting them into fiat using Lama Visa cards, enabling them to participate fully in the global economy.

Using Lama-Branded Visa Cards

Lama-branded Visa cards make it possible for users to spend euros and crypto at any physical or online store that accepts Visa payments. Additionally, users may convert their digital currencies on any platform globally without difficulties. With admission to such card programs, Lama conforms to regulatory compliance protocols that satisfy all regulatory requirements. Thus, users trust the platform to offer safe and compliant services.

DeFi and TradFi Combination

Lama provides differentiated DeFi services by combining crypto trading and traditional finance (TradFi) services. The exchange allows direct transfers between banking accounts and digital crypto wallets, eliminating the necessity for third-party platforms. The company noted that the Lama Visa card simplifies cryptocurrency spending in everyday situations, enabling consumers to swap between fiat and crypto without difficulties. Consequently, users may access their funds instantly when they require everyday payments, making it a very useful tool.

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