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Kenyan Parliamentary Committee Expresses Concerns over Worldcoin Activities

A recently published report by a Kenyan parliamentary committee has raised concerns about the activities of Worldcoin within the nation. The report, released on September 30th, highlights Worldcoin’s ongoing collection of personal data from Kenyan residents, a direct violation of a cease order issued in May. Even more alarming is the potential collection of data on minors. As a result, the committee is calling for the immediate cessation of Worldcoin’s virtual platforms and recommending investigations into its associated companies for possible criminal liability.

The registration of Kenyans by the online application Worldcoin continues despite the existence of a court decision and other administrative directives putting an end to it.

Call for Regulatory Framework for Digital Assets

In addition to the immediate issues with Worldcoin, the report highlights a larger concern about the lack of a strong framework for digital assets in Kenya. The inability to determine the exact number of ‘orbs’ of Worldcoin – devices facilitating iris scans for user verification – further emphasizes this gap in the country’s existing regulations. The committee’s recommendations extend to the Kenyan government, urging the establishment of a comprehensive structure for virtual assets and associated service providers.

This would include considerations for cybercrime and required tax reporting measures. Furthermore, lawmakers have expressed concerns, stating, ‘The unregulated adoption and use of cryptocurrency, as a means to completely revolutionize global monetary systems, jeopardize the state.

Global Perspective on Worldcoin

Despite its ambitious goal of distinguishing humans from bots through retinal scans, Worldcoin has not been without global criticism. In July, millions of people signed up for its services. Yet, its operations have raised eyebrows among regulators worldwide. Concerns about circumventing data protection and privacy standards have been voiced by several nations, including Germany, Argentina, France, and the United Kingdom. As of this report, Worldcoin has not yet provided an official response to these allegations.

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