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Japan Digitization Moves Forward with Release of DCJPY

In an effort to advance Japan’s journey towards digital currency, DeCurret Holdings has unveiled its highly anticipated project, the DCJPY (provisional name). Revealed in a whitepaper on October 12th, the digital currency, set to debut in July 2024, promises to merge blockchain with the Japanese yen.

The president: Satoshi Murabayashi will release the ‘DCJPY 2023 Whitepaper’ on Thursday, October 12, 2023, outlining the vision of the DCJPY network.


The innovative dual-zone structure of the DCJPY network distinguishes between financial and commercial activities. The Financial Zone promises to transform conventional banking, with institutions issuing deposits directly onto the blockchain in the form of digital currency. Concurrently, the Commercial Zone paves the way for transactions, also creating niches for the minting of governance tokens, securities, and even non-fungible tokens.

Aozora Bank leads the charge

Taking the forefront in this digital movement, Aozora Bank, with 19 branches across Japan, is poised to be the primary issuer of the DCJPY, converting the strong yen into its digital equivalent. Although the whitepaper remains discreet about the participants in the extensive DCJPY network, insiders mention an impressive consortium with over 70 Japanese companies, several heavyweights including Japan Post Bank, Mitsubishi, and Dentsu Group lending their support to the project.

DeCurret is preparing a seminar in Tokyo on October 18th, diving deep into the key information from the whitepaper.

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