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Investment in Start-ups Made Easy with Arcton

Investing in start-ups has long been a domain reserved for a financial elite. The barriers to entry, such as high minimum investments, limited liquidity, and fund lock-up periods, have made this asset class inaccessible to the majority of investors.

That’s why we present to you Arcton, a project that aims to break down these barriers. By using blockchain technology, the platform eliminates traditional barriers and allows investors from all backgrounds to invest in start-ups with very affordable amounts, while solving liquidity issues related to this asset class.

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Arcton – the future of crowdfunding?

Arcton presents itself as a next-generation crowdfunding platform. One of Arcton’s major innovations is the introduction of a whole new asset class to Web 3.0 users: start-up shares. In simple terms, these tokenized shares act and possess the same rights as real shares.

Specifically, these tokenized shares give you the opportunity to invest in start-ups starting from $100 and generate your first profits (or losses) instantly after your investment. Indeed, Arcton has a crypto secondary market (Camelot DEX), which means that investors can sell their shares at any time (24/7).

In addition, since the shares are represented by ERC-20 tokens, users can use them within decentralized markets through crypto lending services or as collateral for loans.

Arcton not only aims to solve existing problems in the start-up investment world. The platform also aims to:

  • Democratize access to start-up investments.
  • Provide sustainable liquidity for these investments.
  • Create a safe regulatory environment through Swiss legislative framework.
  • Introduce a new asset class into the DeFi ecosystem.

But Arcton doesn’t stop at simply tokenizing shares. By integrating real-world assets, or ‘Real World Assets (RWA),’ into the DeFi world, it not only expands the horizons and opportunities of this ecosystem, but also offers investors a safer framework through regulatory compliance.

As you can see, the platform aspires to become the bridge between the traditional world of start-up investments and the world of cryptocurrencies.

Arcton: a well-thought-out tokenization process

Unlike traditional IPOs, which are generally reserved for established companies, Arcton’s start-up IPO is open to early-stage companies (Seed/Series A), provided that they already generate revenue and have a product.

Below you will find how the platform proceeds to tokenize and sell a start-up’s shares:

  • Shares tokenization: Arcton starts by tokenizing a start-up’s shares, in compliance with Swiss DLT laws.

  • Public offering: the tokenized shares are then presented to investors through Arcton’s platform. The sale takes place in multiple phases, with share prices and total offerings increasing over time (more details in the following sections).

  • Registration in the Registry: after the public offering closes, these tokens are officially registered in the Swiss Commercial Register.

  • Liquidity introduction: a pool is created on Camelot, Arcton’s decentralized exchange partner, and it is fueled with shares and USDC. Investors can go there to trade, buy, and sell their shares at any time.

  • Claiming and exchanging: investors can claim their shares and actively trade them on the secondary market, like any DeFi token, since the shares are ERC-20 tokens.

Money Masters: First IPO on Arcton

Arcton is currently conducting the world’s very first start-up IPO, called Money Masters. This IPO, totaling 1.2 million CHF, is taking place on Arcton’s platform and has been structured in multiple phases:

  • Pre-registration (October 17 – November 10): allows investors to secure their spot to buy shares at discounted prices during the public sale

  • Public sale: the IPO’s public sale, taking place from November 11 to 21, will consist of 3 different phases, with the share price increasing each time. The share will be sold at $0.32 during the first phase, $0.36 during the second phase, and $0.40 for the third. Note that the second phase will start once the first is exhausted, and so on.

As for Money Masters, it is a Swiss EdTech company that aims to democratize financial literacy by making finance education accessible to all. Since its inception, the company has been selected as one of the top 10 fintech companies in Switzerland and has raised over $1.5 million. In other words, it’s like the Duolingo of finance.

To learn more about this IPO, you can check out the official thread.

How to participate in the Money Masters IPO on Arcton?

Now that you know more about this first IPO, here’s how you can participate and buy your very first start-up shares.

First, go to this page:

Next, create an account by clicking on ‘Sign Up’ and providing the requested information.

Then, go back to the IPO page and click on ‘Pre-Register’.

The platform will then ask you to indicate the amount you plan to invest in the Money Masters IPO.

And that’s it, you will receive an email to confirm your pre-registration. All you have to do then is wait for the time to come.

Sharedrop: a reward for Arcton pioneers

The ‘Sharedrop’ is a form of reward specifically designed to recognize the first users who participated in the Money Masters start-up IPO.

Indeed, IPO participants will receive an allocation of $ARC tokens, the tokenized shares of MetaOne, the company behind the Arcton project, as a reward for their support. These tokens are typically distributed after the IPO’s closure and are intended to increase loyalty and engagement within the Arcton community.

To be eligible for the Sharedrop, users must have held their tokens for a specified period of time. This ensures that the rewards go to the most loyal and committed users, not those who might simply buy tokens to take advantage of the Sharedrop.

Note that a portion of the ARC tokens will also be distributed to users who participated in the project’s ‘Zealy’ campaign. To participate in this campaign, you simply need to complete missions and climb the leaderboard. Users with the most experience points (XP) will earn the most ARC tokens as a reward.

To participate in the campaign:

Arcton – an accessible way to invest in start-ups

As you can see, Arcton is a very interesting product that gives everyone the opportunity to invest in new start-ups without having to spend thousands of dollars.

As the DeFi and cryptocurrency world continues to grow, Arcton positions itself as a key player that could redefine how we invest in the future of our start-ups.

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