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Indonesian Authorities Seize Over 1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

Indonesian Authorities Seize Over 1000 Bitcoin Mining Machines

The Indonesian police have confiscated 1,134 Bitcoin mining machines, accusing the operators of stealing electricity worth nearly $1 million. As a result, 10 Bitcoin mining sites in Indonesia have been shut down.

Details of the Indonesian Police Operation

The police in North Sumatra, Indonesia recently carried out a major operation against illegal Bitcoin mining, resulting in the closure of 10 mining sites in the region.

A total of 1,134 Bitcoin mining machines, along with various computer equipment and 11 meters of electrical cables, were confiscated by the authorities.

The chief of police in North Sumatra, Irjen Agung Setya Imam Effendi, stated that the organizers of these operations manipulated the electrical circuits to power their extensive mining operations. He highlighted that electricity was directly diverted from power poles, bypassing normal meters.

Nearly a Million Dollars in Losses

This case is part of a broader crackdown on illegal Bitcoin mining, often associated with electricity theft. The total losses due to electricity theft at the 10 affected sites are estimated to be around 14.4 billion Indonesian rupiahs, or nearly $935,000.

This event recalls similar cases around the world, including in China, where a former government official was sentenced to life imprisonment for facilitating access to electricity for Bitcoin miners.

These actions highlight the challenges faced by governments in regulating cryptocurrency mining activities, often due to high energy consumption and impacts on local infrastructures.

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