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Ikigai Sells $65 Million Claim in FTX Bankruptcy

Ikigai Sells $65 Million Claim in FTX Bankruptcy

Ikigai Asset Management, a US asset manager, has made the decision to sell its $65 million claim linked to the FTX bankruptcy, according to a post by Travis Kling on December 22.

Without disclosing the sale price, Ikigai’s Chief Investment Officer, Travis Kling, emphasized that the sale yielded an attractive price, significantly higher than expected. This move is aimed at minimizing losses and maximizing opportunities for Ikigai investors, allowing them to recover a portion of their invested capital.

Other reports suggest that other creditors have obtained a sales price of up to 73 cents per dollar by selling their claims.

Travis Kling Interested in Relaunching FTX?

Looking towards the future, Travis Kling has expressed interest in the potential relaunch of FTX (FTX 2.0), acknowledging the challenges and delays in the process.

Ikigai, having learned from this experience, is considering adopting more cautious strategies to avoid finding itself in a similar situation.

This case highlights the importance for cryptocurrency market players to remain vigilant and diversify their investments to reduce risks.

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