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The Future of Gaming: Integrating Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The Future of Gaming: Integrating Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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In this interview, Sami Schlagou, an entrepreneur in the gaming industry for more than 15 years, discusses the innovations, challenges, and future prospects in the gaming industry, with a particular focus on the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

As a reminder, Sami is the CEO and founder of Cross The Ages: a free collectible card game available on PC as well as on iOS and Android devices, inspired by a series of seven fantasy and science fiction novels.

The ambition of the game is to create an extensive intellectual property, offering players the opportunity to leverage their assets across the entire Cross The Ages ecosystem and its partner entities.

For Sami, Web 3 is considered a major shift. The key aspect is ownership, allowing players to own, sell, or rent their digital assets.

The Reluctance of Major Players in the Gaming Industry

Major companies such as Valve and Riot are cautious about adopting Web 3 due to instability and a lack of proven models. They are waiting for evidence of viability before committing.

Many Web 3 projects have failed due to their reliance on hype rather than real utility. Sustainability is essential for long-term success.

According to Sami, success in Web 3 gaming will be contagious. The industry must target all players, not just those interested in blockchain, and make the user experience seamless and transparent.

Cross The Ages: An Economy with 3 Currencies, Including 1 Crypto

Cross The Ages, a Web 3 gaming project, stands out with its unique approach. It uses three different currencies, including a cryptocurrency, to balance the game and asset value.

Interoperability between different games is a key aspect, allowing players to use their assets in various game universes. The goal is to make the Web 3 experience as simple and accessible as possible, masking the technical complexity of blockchain.

If you want to learn more about Cross The Ages, we have tested the game 👇

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