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Franklin Templeton: Potential ETF on Solana and Ethereum

Asset management giant Franklin Templeton has expressed its admiration for the Solana and Ethereum networks, sparking speculation about possible ETFs. The firm’s comments have fueled hopes for a Solana-based ETF and anticipation for SEC approval of Ethereum ETFs.

Growth and Innovation in the Solana and Ethereum Networks

Franklin Templeton highlighted the growth in the DeFi sector, infrastructure networks, NFT innovations, and even memecoins as notable developments on Solana. As for Ethereum, the firm expressed excitement about advancements such as protodank sharding via EIP-4844 and the possibility of Ether restaking.

Notably, the giant added a touch of humor by referencing the popular memecoin Solana DogiWifHat (WIF), suggesting a slight preference for Solana’s blockchain.

ETF and Adoption Perspectives

Franklin Templeton’s particular praise for Solana has led many users on X to speculate about a future Solana ETF. Meanwhile, several Ethereum ETFs are awaiting SEC approval, with a decision expected around May, according to analysts.

Franklin stated that it continues to monitor other layer 1 blockchains. The company did not specify which networks but mentioned that some of them have “enormous potential.”

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