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Disney and Dapper Labs Collaborate to Launch Disney Pinnacle, a New NFT Platform

Disney and Dapper Labs Partner to Launch a New NFT Platform:

Disney, in partnership with Dapper Labs, is launching Disney Pinnacle, a new NFT platform.

  • Disney Pinnacle will offer NFTs representing iconic Disney characters.
  • The platform will be officially launched at the end of the year and will initially be available on the Apple Store.

A Strategic Alliance Between Disney and Dapper Labs

Disney, the entertainment giant, is teaming up with Dapper Labs, the creator of the NBA Top Shot marketplace, to launch an NFT platform called ‘Disney Pinnacle’.

According to initial information, Disney Pinnacle will offer ‘dynamic’ digital objects inspired by the pins sold in Disney theme parks. These NFTs will provide fans with a new way to collect their favorite Disney characters, including heroes and antagonists from the Pixar and Star Wars universes.

‘Fans from around the world can collect dynamic pins on their phones and trade them instantly and securely,’ said Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs.

Gharegozlou also explains that this initiative represents a significant step in the adoption of blockchain technologies and serves as a way to ’embrace Web3 technology and show people what is possible.’

A Launch Planned for the End of the Year

Disney Pinnacle will first be launched on the App Store, later this year, before becoming available on Google Play and other web browsers. At the moment, the platform is in a ‘closed early access version’ for the general public.

However, users can already join the waitlist directly on the official Disney Pinnacle website.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that the platform will be hosted on the Flow blockchain, already used by Dapper Labs for its other NFT projects.

A Return to the World of NFTs for Disney?

The announcement of Disney Pinnacle comes at a time when the NFT market is starting to show some signs of strength, after a few years of being relatively quiet.

This initiative could not only stimulate interest in NFTs but also demonstrate the potential of ‘digital collectibles’ in the entertainment industry.

With a global fan base and holding inter-generational licenses (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.), Disney is ideally positioned to explore the possibilities offered by blockchain and NFTs, paving the way for new forms of interaction for its fans.

It is worth mentioning that earlier this year, Disney decided to close its dedicated metaverse branch in order to reduce overall expenses.

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